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 Don’t you all just love it when you have relatives visiting from abroad and they just shower you with the high end cosmetics that you’ve always wanted? Well, a similar situation arose for my when my aunt visited from USA, and pampered me with the choicest of makeup. Out of them all, the Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeliner Kajal duo is my absolute favorite and has become a staple in my everyday make up bag.


With a reputation for innovation, sophistication and superior quality, Estée Lauder is one of the world’s most renowned beauty brands, producing iconic skin care, makeup and fragrances. For over 65 years, they have stayed true to the philosophy that inspired their founder, Estée Lauder: Every Woman Can Be Beautiful. The pure color range has a wide variety of products ranging from eye pencils, liner shadows to lip colors and stains.


·         Dual-ended creamy pencil packs intense color impact.
·         Use black for bold definition.
·         Rich, deeply pigmented color.
·         Glides on velvety smooth.
·         Blends easily.
·         Apply on inner and outer rim of eyes for added drama.
·         Sharpens easily with the Estée Lauder Pencil Sharpener.
·         Fragrance-free benefits
·         Creamy 2-in-1 pencil. Two shades, intense impact. Dual-ended pencil, intense color.

PRICE- $23

It looks like a simple double sided pencil, nothing too fancy, with the eternal Estee Lauder brand name printed in gold. It requires a sharpener on both sides and is encased with plastic caps. It is light weight, low space occupying and can be quite handy to carry in your bag

From what I could make out from reading about the product online, it has two varieties. There is a black and blue one and a black and black one. I got a black and black duo with the two shades being blackened black and blackened cocoa. I think I was very happy with my color because shades of black look very exquisite on the Indian skin tone, As for the texture it lives up to the product description of being creamy.

I would firstly like to tell you that I’m not a big fan of eyeliner pencils. I find it much easier to operate gel or liquid liners but I must say that I was very impressed with this particular product. First of all, it is actually buttery smooth, much like crayon and very easy to apply. The shade of blackened black is a very rich shade and works well to be used as daily wear kohl. The cocoa black looks better when applied as a liner on the upper lid and the creamy texture works well if you want to smudge it for a smoky look. The product has good longevity and lasts for quite a long time but not like the cheap brands which refuse to go off even after lots of scrubbing. It is odorless, which should be thumbs up for those who do not like or are allergic to cosmetic smell. It is gentle on the skin too, as you don’t have to press too hard to apply it. Overall I couldn’t be happier with the product.

·         Light weight and easy to carry around
·         Good quality plastic caps which increases the shelf life of the product
·         Really great texture
·         Easy to apply and smooth intense finish
·         Rich exquisite shades
·         Odorless and gentle on skin

·         Price (but it’s Estee lauder, now don’t complain)
·         Has to be sharpened often and to perfection
·         Not smudge proof

Out of all the pencil liners I have used, this is my very favorite and the smudge proof part doesn’t bother me because it’s really great for smoky eyes. The smoothness and texture makes you fall in love with the product and I would definitely buy it again and strongly recommend it


RATING: 4.5/5
MY WEIGHT LOSS STORY- How I lost 15 kgs and kept it off

“How did Srijita become so hot?” a friend of a friend of a friend of friend asked my best friend. Now while a lot of people would be happy to receive such a compliment, I certainly wasn’t one of them. Firstly I had serious objection to the word hot (more on my feministic ideas later), secondly it really makes me feel like I was an ugly duckling or something when I was fat. Maybe I was, but it’s cruel to get reminded of it. So how did this entire transformation come about? Was there a magic pill? Some super effective diet? Some miracle workout? Did it take just a week? The answer to all of the above questions would be a big and vehement NO.
            So let us start at the very beginning, by giving you some quick details about myself. I am a Bengali and we love our maccher jhol (fish curry) and bhaat (rice). I was never thin per se in my entire life. I was chubby as a baby, as a kid and as a teenager. I had an abysmally low immunity which is why I would fall sick frequently as a kid and maybe lose some weight then, but the ghee and rice which I would have as breakfast before going to school (which was the only thing I could digest back then without throwing up) would make it come back running to me. I had a round face (I still somewhat do) which would create an illusion of being fatter than I already was and then there was genetics. All my pishis (if you have watched Vicky Donor by now you should know I’m talking about my aunts and not my cats :p) have wide hips and heavy thighs which they very lovingly transferred to me. So with all this, how did I ever manage to lose weight? Read on to find out.

It was May 2012, and I was on a beach vacation. I knew that I was I becoming fat, but hadn’t weighed myself. In that vacation my family was planning my brother’s sangeet, when an aunt of mine arbitrarily commented that I won’t look  good when I would dance because I’m so fat. That hurt. That hurt very very bad. I loved dancing, I’m a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, but my genre isn’t restricted to only that. They say I learnt to dance before I learnt to walk, and when someone says that you can’t do what you love to do because you are fat, it hurt. I had had enough; I had faced some serious rejections that year, from love to friends who didn’t want to hang out with me because I wasn’t cool enough. I decided to join a gym and made a small start by joining a local gym at my locality.

One treadmill, one cross trainer, one cycling machine, a twister, a medicine ball and some weights was all my first gym had. I was skeptical, it didn’t match up to all the images I had seen in movies, but it was my board year and I couldn’t afford the time to go to a different location for gymming. But the biggest perk was that my gym had a great trainer. He trained in some of the most expensive gyms in Kolkata, and used to train here because the owner was his friend. The first day at the gym, I was made to meet my greatest foe, the weighing scale. As I waited more earnestly than my exam results, the scale showed that I was a  whopping 72 kg. I started training, stamina wasn’t an issue for me as I had danced all my life, but it was torturous for my body then. I got introduced to the meaning of exercise soreness. Month one ended and it was time for encounter two with my foe, and as usual it hated me so much that it showed me that I had gained a kg. I was devastated. As much as my trainer tried to explain that it was muscle, and muscle weighed more than fat and blah blah, I couldn’t care less; I wanted my weight to drop. So he put me on a diet. A no carb for dinner plan. And with the combined effect I eventually dropped 10 kg in around 4 months.

I had to quit the gym after that because boards were round the corner, and my family and I realize the importance of academics in life. But I didn’t want the efforts to go to waste and quite honestly, at that phase I had gotten pretty addicted to the compliments. So then I chanced upon the discovery of workout videos and DVDs. Cost effective, time effective, low space and equipment consuming it was like a candy jar for kids with so much of variety to choose from. I chose Jillian Michaels, and I feel it was the best decision of my life. I’ll do detailed posts on all the workout videos and DVDs that I have tried to give you an honest review and results of the same. Either way, workout dvds and a controlled diet made me lose around 5 kg more.

According to me one of the toughest aspects about weight loss is maintenance. There is no point losing it if it is all going to come back the again. They say that 80 percent of weight loss is diet and the rest 20 percent is exercise. Personally, I don’t agree. Of course, what you eat is vitally important; however exercise helps wonders in maintenance. When your muscles become really strong and tight, it is very difficult to expand in such situation. Your face might feel a little bloated, or maybe you will see a kg or two increase if you eat for a short while without control (short, mind you), but your stomach and calves and arms remain tight for a longer time if you’ve successfully exercised for years. I also have pcos for which I do yoga too now. Therefore exercise videos are my go to for maintenance along with my maintenance diet. However if you have a wedding or a party to attend, my quick fix diet helps me lose a kg or two before the event. I can do a detailed post on the weight loss, the maintenance and the quick fix diet if you want. Now I'm still continuing my struggle to find my weightloss nirvana. Hope Ireach it some day :-)

Thank you for reading my journey, I hope I could be of some help. For any questions or queries please do comment below :-)

Monday, 25 May 2015


Today I shall review a classic fragrance for you- The Noa Cacharel for women. Remember how when we were young we would be fascinated by that single pearl inside the oyster? I remember going to the beach and opening every single shell that I would find, in search of that one precious pearl, but sadly I never found it. After all these years, when my aunt bought me this fragrance back from her trip to Paris, I relived that feeling all over again. There it was; a tiny crystal bottle with a beautiful little pearl inside and it made me fall in love with it at the very first sight.


There isn’t much to say about the packaging as it came in a very basic white paper box, poised and elegant. The signature Noa trademark was the pearl and you would get a hint of that seeing the tiny pearl on the O of Noa on the box pack. However I couldn’t help but wish for the packaging to be sturdier since by the time it arrived to me there were a few creases from the long miles it had travelled in luggage.


Noa was launched by the design house of Cacharel in 1998 and was classified as a luxurious, gentle, floral fragrance, possessing a blend of fruits and spices. Cacharel is a French brand of ready to wear clothing, perfume and accessories. It was created in Jean Bousquet, in Nimes, who founded the company of same name in 1964. Cacharel was the first to give designer fragrances at a moderately affordable price. Their perfume line is now a division of L’ Oreal. Noa, Eau de Toilette, by Cacharel is contained in a crystal clear round glass bottle with a pearl inside.


Noa is a small planet in your hand with a pearl inside. Noa is a transparent composition of flowers, delicate spices, velvety fruit nuances and energizing power of coffee beans. The fragrances are like a tender whisper, feminine and subtle, weightless but with a noticeable presence.
Tender powdery top notes of freesia, peach skin, peony and musk lead to a floral heart of white flowers, ylang- ylang and rose. The base is woodsy transparent with coffee and incense touches. The perfume was created by Oliver Cresp in 1998.

3.4 Oz (100ml) for $75

Olfactory senses are often one of the most difficult to describe as they vary so much from person to person but this particular product wouldn’t be tough to categorize. Firstly I would throw a word of caution to those who do not like the smell of musk as that is one of the most predominant smells you would get once you put on the product. However to those who are neutral to musk, I would say that it is a musk smell that you will like because it is characteristically feminine with the flowery smell of freesia and peach skin. The perfume is not at all screechy or in your face, it is a very subtle fragrance. In a dry air conditioned environment it would last for around 8 hours. For all those who love subtle scents, this should be your signature item because it gets the best out of all things subtle, especially after a while when the top coat fades and you are left with the lingering fragrance of rose and jasmine and all the subtle white flowers. The bottle is oh-so-cute and I just can’t get enough of watching the pearl. Overall for a person like me who is all into subtle fragrances, this eau de toilette is just the correct choice.

·         The pearl and the bottle(how much more obvious could I have been in my post)
·         The feminine musk scent with freesia
·         The heart coat of all those lovely flowers
·         The subtlety of the scent
·         Feminine yet not the strawberry pink girly kind of fragrance
·         Perfect for the elegant formal dinner or party

·         The packaging, I would have preferred a sturdier packaging.
·         The quantity, one use exhausts quite a significant amount from the bottle.
·         The longevity of the scent: I live in Kolkata, and it is so humid that if you are planning to use it for an entire day, you would have to reapply once midway.
·         The price might be a turn off for some, but hey, it’s a designer perfume!

My overall experience has been pretty pleasant. The pearl made me fall in love with it at the first sight and the subtle feminine yet elegant scent made me continue the love affair. The bottle would sit pretty in anyone’s collection. However if you absolutely hate musk, you should reconsider and those who are fond of really strong and characteristic fragrances then this one isn’t for you.

RATING: 3.5/5

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